SCCF - Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation

We believe that action on Climate Change is critical and potentially has many additional benefits.

We aim to identify and address its challenges using a pragmatic approach.
In practice this means using knowledge, experience and hard work to identify alternatives to current habits which work better, either from a commercial or social benefit perspective. Finding the right technology and deploying it correctly is at the heart of this. We commit to implement projects that have defined and measurable objectives that demonstrate good practice, and which encourage others to follow.

Our logo is inspired by...

...the symbol and ethos of the 1941 Utility Clothing Scheme. Introduced during World War Utility Clothing Scheme II, this scheme brought people together to conserve raw materials.

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Educating best prectice in gassy coal mines

Educating best practice in gassy coal mines.
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Project Otumfuo

SCCF funds TERI MSc scholarships. Read These

Provision of clean electricity to a clinic in Western Kenya

Provision of clean electricity to a clinic in Western Kenya. Read more